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About Vanywhere (VANY)

Company Description Founded in 2015, Vanywhere’s platform is already live in the AppStore and has been used and tested by real users for over a year. The company has raised equity seed round, participated in the Crossrider Innovation accelerator, and is backed by Qtum, who also invested in the company.   Vanywhere is a live skill-sharing platform that instantly connects people seeking and offering skills, so they can get personalized results tailored just to them. All interactions happen through live, 1-on-1 video, voice and chat, or offline for freelance projects. Vanywhere disrupts the skill-sharing marketplace, and radically reimagines the way that people can access knowledge and skills. Instead of performing generic online searches, Vanywhere allows users to pay by the minute to talk face-to-face with a person who has the exact skills that they need. Whether they’re looking for someone who can help cook a meal, style an outfit, fix a smartphone, or more, Vanywhere is an incredible resource that taps into and mobilizes the knowledge of people around the world. For people with marketable skills, Vanywhere gives them a way to capitalize on their knowledge and earn crypto currency in the process. As Vanywhere is geared towards a mainstream audience, it has the power to truly bring blockchain to the masses, and make cryptocurrency and everyday commodity.    Product Testing & Use Cases Vanywhere has engaged in extensive testing of the product, in order to fully understand market behavior and optimize all technical aspects of the platform. During Q1 2017, Vanywhere’s iOS platform was live in the iOS Appstore, and downloaded by hundreds of real users for testing. The test was active in six verticals that were chosen based on market research: tech support, travel, fashion styling, beauty, fitness and food. Vanywhere selected these verticals based on market research and rich data which revealed them to be fertile areas. Their tech support case study proved a particular success, as they quickly became the largest provider of live video Apple tech support in the world.    Market research revealed that there are 1M Google search requests every month for Apple support. Based on the insight that a large cross-section of consumers prefer to speak with Apple support on the phone instead of seeking online help through Apple forums and discussion groups, Vanywhere recruited Apple enthusiasts to be Skillers and onboarded them into the platform. Vanywhere then launched digital campaigns targeting users looking for Apple tech support, and connected them with Skillers through live video chat. Topics discussed included: syncing to the iCloud, configuring iTunes, and troubleshooting macOS Sierra.    The test revealed 26% user engagement from download to call, with average call times lasting 4 ½ minutes. Vanywhere received positive feedback from both Users and Skillers with a majority of Skillers revealing that they were primarily motivated by helping people, with the goal of earning money being secondary to them. Users universally enjoyed the personal connection of video chat, and found it easier to explain themselves and understand the Skiller’s answers when talking face to face with a real person.    Why QTUM? When researching networks, Vanywhere found the Qtum network to be faster, cheaper and more efficient than the Ethereum network. Vanywhere also has a unique, personal relationship with the Qtum founders and team. The two platforms have synchronized their tech teams and assist one another daily. Qtum also has an incredible network in the blockchain world, with a vibrant community in Asia and around the globe. Their connections have helped Vanywhere reach investors and new markets. The fact that Qtum also chose to invest in Vanywhere was a wonderful vote of confidence in Vanywhere’s platform.   Vanywhere also secured another major investment from the owners of ShareLook, a Singapore-based B2B company that provides digital training resources to global clients including Philips and DHL. 





Rami Shechter
CEO and Founder

For the past 30 years, Rami has been at the forefront of the digital advertising industry in Israel. He has founded and lead a number of successful agencies specializing in digital marketing, social media and e-commerce, working with both Israeli clients and international brands including LivePerson, Clinique, Pizza Hut, Warner Brother and Avis among others. Prior to that, he was a pioneer in Israeli radio, founding Radio Ezori (Regional Radio) in 1995, and creating an advertising model that brought the station to full penetration within the Israeli market within a short period of time. Rami is experienced in advising and accompanying businesses in every stage of development from initial idea to successful launch and beyond.

Itay Shechter
COO and Co Founder

Itay has extensive experience in product building, product management, and remote team management. For the past five years he was the Media Marketing Manager at an interactive agency with a roster of Israeli and international clients. He has handled every aspect of media planning from the development and management of media, creative and social media strategies and campaigns to hands on media buying and KPI optimization, managing media teams, PPC departments, and the outsourcing of projects. In addition to building products for clients, he has also been a sought-after media and product advisor in the industry. His works have been recognized by Facebook and featured in their business success stories. 

Gilad Menashe

Gilad has over 15 years of experience in internet technologies, security, 
mobile, SAAS, Blockchain technologies, AWS, web applications and computer vision. He has been managing development groups for 14 years, and was a VP of R&D for the past 9 years where he developed a product which became the company's flagship and a key factor in turning them into a technologically superior market leader. His work has won multi-million dollar contracts with customers including NASA, Boeing, United Airlines, American Airlines, the Canadian Air Force, and Israel Defense Forces among others. He has also served in the Israeli Defense Forces Intelligence Corps (8200) as part of the development team creating (C / C++) embedded (Hardware) and desktop applications.

Dmitry Khmelnitsky
Art Director

For the past 7 years, Dima has been working as a Visual Experience Artist and Art Director, conceptualizing and executing design concepts for offline, online and mobile channels. As the Art Director at an interactive agency in Tel Aviv, he managed a team of graphic designers, developed the standards of visual content, and innovated visual branding direction for a variety of Israeli and international clients. He has designed and launched multiple cross-channel campaigns including websites, logos, banners, social media, print and more, that have engaged customers and increased ROI for clients.

Gil Ram
Community Manager

For the past five years, Gil worked in the ad-tech industry, as a team leader and then co-manager of a successful company in the performance marketing space, and 1+ year in the blockchain industry as a private investor and a freelance. Gil brings his vast experience in content, branding, and marketing. He managed and executed hundereds of campaigns for dozens of clients and in many platforms. Gil has MA in Psychology, and believes that in life, everything is personal.

Paul Fischer
Creative Director

Paul has been working in branding, innovation and marketing for the past 15 years, with a focus on brand identity. As a writer and content strategist, he has crafted unique digital, print and mobile content for some of the world’s leading brands, including Coca Cola, Diageo, Johnson & Johnson, LVMH, MTV Networks, PepsiCo, Proctor & Gamble, Starwood Hotels, Teva Pharmaceuticals and Verizon. In addition to his branding work, he spent over ten years in New York’s film and television production industry.

Hyeonjin Kim
Desk manager Asia

Hyeonjin Kim is a PR specialist, Interaction designer and ioT Developer with a passionate interest in interdisciplinary approach and work among art, design and technology. His background goes from industrial design to interaction design, passing through from brand promotion in diverse areas to researching user centered design. He has M.A degree from Kunst Uni Linz and worked as Researcher over 3 years at Interface culture lab leading Multidisciplinary research with BMW, Bosch, AMTC and Ars Electronica. He is also involved in CTO at contents fusion research institute of leading several national research projects developing Smart digital signage soulition and algorithms on recognition of people’s age and sex for targeting advertisement by computer vision. He is now also leading Promotional strategy agency ‘Jpromotion’ working with serveral clients around Fashion, IT and Blockchain ICO companies.


Lisa Chai
Managing Partner at Bluemont Partners

Lisa is a seasoned institutional and angel investor with extensive experience in various asset classes including public equity, private equity, venture capital and hedge funds. As a corporate strategy consultant at Bluemont Partners, she has built relationships with entrepreneurs and investors to foster the community’s access to disruptive technologies. She is an active member of the Empire Angels, a professional angel group investing in early stage technology venture with a strong focus in Internet, FinTech and Enterprise software. As a member of the Wall Street Blockchain Alliance focused on bridging the gap between the blockchain community and institutions, Lisa is a frequent guest speaker and educator in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology to institutional investors and family offices. She is also a Strategic Advisor to, a Blockchain Growth lab backed by Comcast Ventures, IBM and Boldstart Ventures, focused on scaling the most promising blockchain companies globally for the Enterprise sector.

Joel Telpner
Partner, Sullivan & Worcester LLP

Joel Telpner is a partner with the global law firm, Sullivan & Worcester LLP’s, located in the firm’s New York office. He is a seasoned advisor, strategist and problem solver. Mr. Telpner brings more than 30 years of legal experience in a career that includes time as an AmLaw 100 partner, the former U.S. general counsel of a global financial institution, and a venture capitalist. He is a highly sought after legal advisor in the blockchain space, actively working with a large number of clients in structuring token distributions. He is leading policy initiatives on global regulatory issues for blockchain on behalf of the Global Blockchain Business Council and the Blockchain Research Institute. He is also a member of the Wall Street Blockchain Alliance’s Legal Working Group, which is developing guidance on best practices for ICOs.

Preston Junger
Co-Founder of Mile Square Labs

Preston is a former early Yelp employee, previously worked for Yahoo!, IAC, Apple and currently is Co-Founder of Mile Square Labs, working with domestic and international startups on sales operations and growth objectives. He joined Yelp in 2008 as hire #82, opening & expanding the first NY office, bringing the company through IPO, while significantly growing Yelp revenue as VP of Brand Solutions. Preston has a B.A. from the University of Vermont and is an active advisor & board director with several accelerators, traditional tech and blockchain/ICO companies.

Melanie Weisner
Professional poker player

Melanie Weisner is one of the most accomplished female poker players of all time. She has over $2 million in tournament earnings, thirty-one WSOP cashes, multiple EPT Ladies' Event titles, and has held the world number one online ranking in heads-up tournaments. She has been featured on ESPN’s World Series of Poker, NBC’s Poker After Dark, Premiere League, Late Night Poker, and many more. In addition to playing professionally, she devotes her talents to coaching. Her students regularly dominate live cash games and hold titles in major events. Partnering with Vanywhere, she hopes to pave the way for a new era of top-tier gaming instruction with one-on-one coaching via a blockchain-based platform.

Samir Bandali
PR & Partnerships Manager at Coinpayments

A passionate and motivated cryptocurrency advocate for over 2 years, Samir has a strong background in Computer Science, Financial Management, with a wealth of experience in Client Relations. Starting out as an enthusiast and investor, he quickly used his interpersonal skills to develop a widespread global network in the industry. Samir’s unparalleled passion for decentralization fuels his drive as the Director of Strategic Partnerships for CoinPayments Inc, a multi currency wallet solution offering support for over 125 digital currencies as well as merchant plugins for ecommerce solutions such as Shopify, Magento and WooCommerce.

Pnina Eytan
CEO Inovgate Singapore

An entrepreneur with vast experience in executive management, Eytan has a proven track record in leading international businesses to growth and revenues. She was the co-founder of several startups and former Head of Software Alliances at the Amdocs group of companies. As part of her work with Amdocs and Tier 1 telecom companies, Eytan helped recruit in dozens of companies to various innovation centers. Leveraging her business and technology skills and worldwide connections, especially in Singapore, Eytan assists companies in strategic planning and business growth.

Lior Boker
Business Development WIX

Lior has been active in the technology and media business for over 25 years with special emphasis on new media (broadcast, web and mobile). He has a vast knowledge of international media markets, as well as building world-wide distribution channels and market penetration strategy. Lior is a member of senior management and serves as a board member and in advisory roles of international media technology firms, and was active as a founder and investor in numerous companies. He has previously served as a founder, director, advisory board member and VP business development at several technology companies including; Vizrt (symbol VIZ), Kit Digital (symbol KITD), WIX, Unicell, Tweegee, Tvinci, Navigaya, Tradomatics, Actus Digital, LNY Media, iSOCIA, Apester and more.

Ralph Bou Nader
VP Genie-S International

Ralph Bou Nader has held leadership roles in the fashion and cosmetics industries for nearly 20 years, working with companies including Genie-S International, VF corporation, La Prairie Group, Diesel, L’Oreal and Sephora. He is experienced with strategic planning, global sales, and how to staff, guide and lead organizations, while maintaining awareness of both external and internal competitive landscapes.

Tal Navarro
Digital marketing advisor

Tal Navarro is an entrepreneur and digital marketing pioneer. She helps businesses, brands and organizations effectively carry their messages to their target audience using Social Media (social networks, the blogosphere, social software, etc.), create brand awareness and use the social platform in order to increase sales, manage the company online community, define the company goals from social marketing and plan a long-term strategy. She is the founder of Sumo Social Media College, which has trained hundreds of business and organizations on social media. Prior to that, she was Head of Social Media at Adler Chomski Group/Grey Israel, one of the leading ad agencies In Israel, where her work included building marketing strategies, content management and ongoing activities for brands/companies through social media.

Amit Bohensky
Technical advisor

A serial entrepreneur, technological guru, startup angel and investor in Vanywhre, Bohensky brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the team. He is the Founder of Zoomd, and previously served as VP Open Source Web Intelligence at Verint after their acquisition of his startup, Focalinfo. Prior to that, he was CEO of Consist Systems and Consist Technologies, CEO & CTO Matrix Global Bulgaria and Macedonia Matrix Global, CEO and Founder of Unicoders, Founder and CTO of Fontik Data.

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