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About Mfun (MFUN)

Mfun is a blockchain rewards platform designed to capture more value from the gaming economy and redistribute that value more fairly to gamers and local game providers. We believe that the gaming economy needs to be more balanced and efficient, as we seek to re-capture the value taken away by digital advertising middlemen and third-party payment providers and re-distribute that to gamers and game content providers – game developers and publishers. Mfun wants to solve three main inefficiencies which are: 1. Gamers are not rewarded for their time spent playing; 2. Game providers cannot get a good return on their ad spend and 3. Lack of transparency and trust in the gaming economy. Mfun will use a three-pronged approach to address these inefficiencies: Get Rewarded For Playing Gamers will get to earn Mfun tokens as they play their favourite games! The more time they spend playing, the more they will earn. They can also choose whether they want to watch video ads or do additional tasks to earn more tokens. Mfun tokens can be used for their in-game purchases across any other games on the Mfun platform or be converted into other cryptocurrencies so that they can monetize their in-game efforts. Bypass Middlemen To game developers and publishers, no more guess-vertising! They can now reward gamers directly for actual time spent playing their games, instead of wasting their marketing budgets on empty ad impressions and clicks that drive no results. Gamers are more motivated to try out new games as they get rewarded. Developers also get to save on fees paid to third-party payment providers that suck up a huge part of their budget and only need to pay for actual time gamers spent playing their games. A win-win for both! Safeguard Privacy Unlike other rewards systems which require submission of personal information such as identification number, credit card number, or bank account number, Mfun is built on blockchain technology and will only need your mobile number for verification. Mfun token (MFUN) is a utility token which will be created to enable transactions within the Mfun Ecosystem. “Mfun” tokens are ERC-20 compatible tokens distributed on the Ethereum blockchain pursuant to a related ERC-20 smart contract. Game providers can use Mfun tokens to rewards gamers for their time spent and for trying out new games. On the other hand, gamers can make in-app purchases using these tokens to facilitate their gaming experience.

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Brian Fan
CEO / Co-founder

Brian brings 20 years of executive management, creative leadership and marketing excellence, having held key roles at top companies in the Enterprise Tech industry such as SAP, Hitachi Data Systems and Fujitsu. His most recent position was Asia Pacific Sales Leader for Backup Exec Business at Veritas Technologies. Brian has a passion to help companies leverage technology to grow and pivot so that they can seize new opportunities.

Boon Ping Tang

Boon Ping has a passion to help companies leverage technology to grow and pivot so that they can seize new opportunities. Boon Ping is a strategic thinker with 20+ years leadership with industry leaders such as Cisco, Belkin, Hitachi Data Systems & IBM in Asia Pacific. He has led cross- functional teams (including Sales, Channels, Marketing & Products) and drove key Go-To-Market strategies for New Products in ASEAN and Asia regions

Kevin Pang

23 Years in IT with IBM, HP and Telstra. Mentor at Singapore Fintech Association and Adjunct Lecturer at the Singapore Fintech Association Talent Program

Michael Lee
Head of Operations

An IT professional by training with more than 25 years of consulting & practical experience across many functions (sales, client management, business operations & customer service) throughout various roles (Vendor, Systems Integrator, Distributor and End-user) in both the public & private sector · Michael has managed the Asia Pacific Sales Operations for Linksys, a division of Cisco Systems. His portfolio included the day-to-day operations within Asia Pacific. He was also running the China sales for almost a year. Prior to that, Michael led the Asia Pacific Sales Operations for Cisco System and the Business Operations for Customer Service in Asia Pacific & Japan in Cisco. In addition, he headed a global Metrics & Business Intelligence team comprising members from Asia Pacific, Europe and the Americas · Michael has also done consultancy and process re-engineering for several SMEs. He has also conducted numerous training sessions on Virtual Teaming for international banks and corporations. In addition, he has made many speaking engagements in Customer & Partner events, as well as in major international Sales Conferences. · Michael holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science & Mathematics as well as an MBA from the National University of Singapore.

Jeff Wong
Head of Marketing


Kerenina Sunny Halim
Head of Communications


Yong Yun Lin
Senior Marketing Executive

Jaka Kristandi
Head of Business Development

Tirzani Melvin
Senior Finance Executive


Arief Widhiyasa
CEO Agate Studio

Widhiyasa cofounded Agate, an Indonesian gaming development company. 18 people started the firm in 2009 and Widhiyasa manages it today. In 2010, Agate created a point-and-click puzzle game that garnered a million players in the first week. In 2011, their first web-based social game, Football Saga, was launched on its way to 10,000 daily active users. Widhiyasa worked previously as a student partner with the Microsoft Innovation Center and got a computer science degree in Indonesia. Before he got the degree, he started Agate to get the most of a still fledgling Indonesian game industry.

Ricky Setiawan
Duniaku Network

Jason Lim
Yogrt Co-Founder

Roby Muhamad
Yogrt Co-Founder

Roby Muhamad is an Indonesian entrepreneur and scientist best known for his work with social network dynamics.[1] His work spans the fields of physics,psychology, and sociology. Muhamad earned his bachelor in physics from the Bandung Institute of Technology,[2] and he earned his doctorate in sociology from Columbia University.[1][3] He current lectures at the Department of Psychology at the University of Indonesia.[2] In 2003, Muhamad and Duncan J. Watts were part of the team which roughly confirmed Stanley Milgram's hypothesis on six degrees of separation.[4] Muhamad is co-owner of the location-based dating app Yogrt.[1][2][3] He has made public calls for modernizing anti-tobacco efforts targeted at teenagers due to tobacco companies use of social media to negate teens' rational calculation of loss-benefit.[5]

Indra Gunawan
Co-Founder of Artoncode Gaming Company &

Anton Soeharyo CEO & Founder of Touchten

Octavianus LA Tedjojuwono
Indo Capital Market Professional Fund Manager, Managing Director

Otto Satrya Djauhari
Founder & CFO E2Pay Global

Karen New
ICO Advisor & Author of "New Assets" Adjunct lecturer at Singapore FinTech Association in Crypto-Literacy

Karen New wrote the 1st book on cryptocurrency, New Assets - Ride on the cryptocurrency wave! ( in Singapore. She is also an adjunct lecturer at the Singapore FinTech Association on Crypto Literacy, and an Oxford alumnus. Currently, she serves as an advisor on the boards of multiple ICOs including the latest being and She has had the honor to speak and be featured on The Straits Times, Channel News Asia, News on 5, and Channel U 财经追击 (Money Week), for her expertise in the following: - Wealth Building with Cryptocurrency and Blockchain - ICO - Entrepreneurship

Roberto Capodieci
Board Member & Founder of Blockchain Zoo

Roberto discovered a passion for Information Technology at the tender age of 6 when, with the help of his father, he started to learn computer programming. By age 10 he had developed and sold his first video game. Four years later he begun an entrepreneurship career when, authorised by Italy’s court for minors, opened his first IT company. In the formative years of the Internet he expanded his business reach into the online world and quickly found his company’ services in great demand. Roberto, specialised in Lawful Interception systems and big data analysis, is also a consultant to law enforcement agencies. Moved to Asia a decade ago, Roberto is now a renown Blockchain expert, associate of the Nxt Foundation, partner at DeBuNe, and CEO of OTDocs the Singaporean company behind the innovative Open Trade Documents blockchain project. Roberto gives trainings on Blockchain, is often speaker at conferences, participate to technology discussion at panels for various events, and gives seminars on Blockchain technology.

Larry Meng
Senior Blockchain Professional YouGeji Technology Ltd

Dr. Wang Yue
Head, Visual Communication with Business Programme School of Business, Singapore University of Social Sciences

MFUN ICO is not available to the residents of:

Japan (日本), United States, China