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ERC-20 Compliant

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49,965,200 COT

Minimum Purchase

0 COT (0.0000 ETH)

Overall ICO


Tokens Sold

8.9 days

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12,500.00 COT

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Floating Currencies


ICO Phases



Phase Amount

12 Aug 2018


15 Aug 2018


15 Aug 2018


18 Aug 2018


18 Aug 2018


19 Aug 2018


19 Aug 2018


25 Aug 2018


About Cosplay Token (COT)

The Cosplay Industry is estimated to be worth an incredible $45 billion dollars and is growing at a rate of 15% per year. With a lack of settlement accounts, no standardised monetisation method and with trust, safety and copyright issues plaguing the community – Cure WorldCosplay have taken the initiative to transform this industry we are passionate about, for good. Cosplay Token is the Cure! Being the world’s largest cosplay platform with over 720,000 members across 180 different countries on worldcosplay.net, Cure WorldCosplay is positioned as the authoritative figure in the cosplay-sphere and is primed to deliver the first Cosplay Token. By harnessing the power of blockchain technology and using the Bancor Protocol, Cosplay Token (COT) is set to become the de-facto currency of the cosplay economy. All copyright records will be stored on the blockchain and allow revenues to be allocated via Smart Contracts, meaning COT can also be placed into a reserve by holders to create their own Cosplay Player Coin. This offers users a system to support, tip and purchase merchandise from their favourite cosplayers, attend events and unlock different opportunities. Cosplay Token is creating an accessible way for anyone to monetise their passion for cosplay or simply support their cosplay idols. Any cosplayer can create their own coin that can be used as an external, tradable cryptocurrency, whilst also providing sustainability for the $45 billion dollar industry. Cosplay Token is ensuring a fairer, safer, and more accessible cosplay ecosystem for all!




01 Jan

Whitepaper Release, Cosplay Stage/ working with event organizer, Cosplay TV Show

01 Apr

Conferences (Japan & Overseas)

01 Jul

Working with several event organizers (Japan & Overseas), Start development, [Web] Server transition

01 Oct

MEET UP (Japan), [Web] Upgrade UI design, [Web] Support more languages


01 Jan

Working with several event organizers, [Web] Support 20 languages, [Web] Digital Membership Card, [web] SNS cooperation improvement,

01 Apr

MEET UP (oversea) , Platform tutorial release, Registered Member reaches 1M, [Web] Implement Bancor Protocol

01 Jul

Registered Member reaches 1.5M, Working with several event organizers (Japan & Overseas), [App] Basic function: ♡(like), follow, better search, chat/msg, profile QR code, [Web] Receive & Send COT (wallet),[Web] Players can have their own shop, [Web] Tip function, [Web] create personalized coins, [Web] Article function

01 Oct

[App] Wallet & Shop function, [web] patrol against illegal images,


Junichiro Kawai
Founder, CEO

● Well-versed in business startup & marketing from infrastructure, video to cross-media. ● Saw big potential in cosplay market through the communications in otaku culture ● Former media marketing manager of Sony Network Communications

Daisuke Nakagawa

● Extensive experience in business development ● Involved in broadcasting industry for over 6 years

Tatsumi Inui

● Active coslayer for over 25 years, ● Producing cosplay stages, also appears on TV & media ● Connecting the world through Otaku Culture by participating the conventions as a guest & judge

Tomofumi Yokoyama

● Managing cosplay community and doing a story on cosplay conventions ● Previously worked in game magazine & live-streaming fields ● Having strong connection with people in otaku culture

Yuuki Iwasaki

● Playing multiple roles in marketing and backoffice ● Previosuly worked in mobile game & live streaming industry

Shion Akemi

● Cosplayer since 2012 ● Speak 4 languages ● Enjoys cosplay and acting on her free time

Yuki Fujishita

● Crypto Team Lead ● Working on token issurance system, dApps and wallets develpment. ● Involved in cryptocurrency exchange operations

Kazuki Foo

●Skilled Engineer especially in Network Engineering, Cell Telecommunications Deployment & Programming ●having a passion for cosplay.

Seiko Kitajima

●Skilled Engineer especially in Network Engineering, Cell Telecommunications Deployment & Programming ●having a passion for cosplay.


Hiroshi Tsurusaki
Tecotec Inc. Founder, CEO

●Founded and operated a cryptocurrency exchange ●Involved in implementing blockchain wallet himself & in many Fintech projects ●Taking a part in this project since the early stage

Kiyotaka Higashide
UPCROSS Inc. Founder, CEO

● Developing contents for smartphone including gaming contents ● Draws from his developer experiences to distribute contents. ● Involved in server-side programming, architect role, and more recently smartphone app development for over 10 years.

Kiyoko Kato
Dream Planet, Head of Cool Japan Div.

●actively involved in connecting overseas Otaku events and Japan for 10 years. ●well connected with local organizers, and experts in Otaku scene in Asia and South America. ●capable of speaking 10 languages in varying levels.

Yudi Levi
LocalCoin Co-Founder, CTO

●the creator of the Bancor Protocol ●technology entrepreneur for over 15 years ●Before LocalCoin, he was the Co-Founder and CTO of Mytopia, Particle Code and AppCoin.

Toshi Tanaka
Takumi Innovators Founder, CEO

● running an innovation & startup platform between Japan and China. ● before starting this, he was with Deloitte Tohmatsu for 12 years and engaged in various range of projects including M&A advisory and investment consulting. ● holds a U.S. CPA certificate and also passed accounting exam and tax exam of Chinese CPA.

Alex Schueli
Bottled Limited, FinTech and RegTech Lead for Behindblocks

●holds a Bachelor of Laws from L.I.U.C. and a Master of Laws from H.K.U. ●focusing on the regulatory development of digital assets financing ● spent 10 years in the operational set-up of tech and financial services projects

Michael Titus
Titus & Co, Principal

●advises on cryptocurrency compliance and strategy for the token generation events by understanding the ever-changing global regulatory environment of cryptocurrencies. ●received his Bachelors of Science in Finance from Lehigh University, a Juris Doctor degree from the City University of Hong Kong, obtained his Master of Laws from New York University.

Jiao Guangming
TopChain Founder

●Co-Founder of Singapore Top Foundation, Executive President of Shangfang Media, and CEO of UWEgame Network Tech. ●12 years experience in game industry and started to study blockchain in 2013. ●Honored as “Outstanding Individual in the blockchain industry” in 2017.

Mo Hamdouna
Mo Works Creative Agency, Founder

●over 10 years experience in design and marketing. ●best reflected by the success of Mo Works, a high-growth agency specialising in emerging technology and blockchain projects. ●His mission is to help others recognise that design and strategy are imperative to developing businesses, products, services and culture.

Gabriel Zanko
MobileyourLife, Founder

●Blockchain Investor-Advisor ●Crypto-Investment Banking Firm ●OTC trading desk / Market Maker

COT ICO is not available to the residents of:

Japan (日本), United States